For 24 Frames Per Second, Carriageworks commissioned choreographers, visual artists, performance-makers and filmmakers to make 24 new screen-based works. Three years in development, the project was conceived to support those artists, both Australian and international, working at the forefront of experimental, cross-disciplinary practice, often in a collaborative mode.

Collaboration between the visual and performing arts has a long and rich history. Throughout the twentieth century, artists frequently worked in concert with one another in ways that were more open, entrepreneurial and receptive to external influence than that of the solitary artist with their singular mode of expression.

The boundaries between artistic disciplines are today more porous than ever. Artworks which synergise different media are being co-authored by contemporary artists working across and between art forms in an increasingly organic fashion. At the same time, dance and performance have infiltrated the institutional spaces of the museum, enlivening and activating galleries previously devoted to static objects.

24 Frames Per Second represents a new iteration of this idea, with the industrial spaces and multi-arts ethos of Carriageworks offering a platform that exists beyond the white cube, cinémathèque or dance studio. Many of the artists have incorporated the building’s distinctive architecture into their thinking, creating works which play with scale or which throw the relationship between the moving figure and its environment into striking relief.

The works in this exhibition embrace an expanded notion of dance, with the artists practising embodied movement in a variety of forms. In several works, the camera itself becomes a choreographic tool, often devising a duet with the performers. Other thematic concerns explored in these works include the body’s sometimes fraught relationship to technology, the figure within the landscape, the relationship between vernacular dance and mythology, the role of movement in self-representation, interrogations of the dance film genre, heightened states of consciousness, and the body in a state of stress or excitation.

An encounter with the works in 24 Frames Per Second highlights the exhilarating physicality of dance as it is presented on screen, from individual movement to collective expression, from endurance to exhaustion, from rehearsal to performance. It also reminds us that artists working together across disciplines can reveal complex and multi-faceted truths about contemporary experience.

Commissioned artists:

Tony Albert & Stephen Page, Branch Nebula with Denis Beaubois, Clare Britton, Jack Prest & Matt Prest, AlisonCurrie, François Chaignaud & César Vayssié, Nat Cursio & Daniel Crooks, Siobhan Davies & David Hinton (incollaboration with 22 independent dance artists), Brian Fuata, Choy Ka Fai, Angelica Mesiti, Kate Murphy,James Newitt, Byron Perry & Antony Hamilton, David Rosetzky, Khaled Sabsabi, S. Shakthidharan, Aimee Smith,Sophie Hyde in collaboration with Restless Dance Theatre, Latai Taumoepeau & Elias Nohra, Sriwhana Spong, Saburo Teshigawara, Christian Thompson, Lizzie Thomson, and Vicki Van Hout & Marian Abboud.

Curators: Beatrice Gralton and Nina Miall

Khaled Sabsabi, Organised Confusion, 2015. Courtesy the artist and Milani Gallery