The first time Moya Dodd saw football on television at the age of 11, she was captivated. At 19 she was selected for the Matildas and represented Australia for almost 10 years. Appointed to the Executive of international football association FIFA in 2013, she was one of the first women to serve on the board in FIFA’s 108 year history. In The Backstories, Moya Dodd takes us through three generations of her family – from the Chinese market garden her grandparents tended in Western Sydney to her rise through the ranks of world football. Developed by William Yang and Annette Shun Wah with musical accompaniment by Gareth Chin, The Backstories is a rare glimpse behind the public persona of Moya Dodd as she shares the experiences that have shaped her life. Presented by Carriageworks and Contemporary Asian Australian Performance.

Moya Dodd, Image Fairfax