March 13, 2017

On the opening weekend of The National: New Australian Art 2017, Carriageworks presents a series of free performances.

Bali Bali Balga – Alan Griffiths

Indigenous artist Alan Griffiths is respected as a senior lawman with authority throughout the Victoria River and Kimberley regions of Western Australia, where he is an artist, song man and dancer. For The National, Griffiths and 15 dancers from his community will perform the Bali Bali Balga, a traditional East Kimberley cultural ceremony that tells dreaming stories about country, the spirits and the Noongali people. The Ceremony is structured in verse, with each verse represented by a woven dance board known as a balmarra, made by Griffiths to specific designs relating to songlines. Dancers hold these balmarra aloft, performing to the accompaniment of clapping sticks and the singing of the song man.

Performers: Alan Griffiths, Chris Griffiths, Kim Griffiths, Eranious Griffiths, Cleon Griffiths, Christopher James Griffiths, Jimmy Griffiths, George Paddy, Akirum Morgan, Jan Griffiths, Dora Griffiths, Delaney Griffiths, Kanetia Griffiths, Rishani Churchill, Elizabeth Raymond

Friday 31 March, 7pm
40 mins run time


A Metal Cry – Justene Williams

Taking inspiration from the early twentieth-century European avant-garde and the Japanese dance theatre form of Butoh, this major new work by Justene Williams features dancers in fluoro pink concertina fan costumes fitted with accordions that give voice to their movements, others in voluminous dresses with chimes attached, tree sculptures and electronic violinists, all performing to a live score. Williams’ visceral work combines the formalism of the modernist avant-garde with a make-do aesthetic to explore contemporary suburban culture and our place in a tumultuous and fragmented world.

Saturday 1 April, 11am and 12pm
20 mins run time


All I Have Are Dreams of You – Claudia Nicholson

Claudia Nicholson creates an alfombra de aserrín as a memorial to the Latina pop star Selena Quintanilla, whose dedicated community of fans were mobilised by grief following her murder in 1995. A day after Selena Day (31 March), Nicholson’s memorial will be animated by a tribute performance that will feature a performance of Selena’s hit songs by Amanecer, an Andean folklore group of six teenage musicians who share a passion for music with Latin roots. Latin American community dance group Azahares de Salsa perform over the alfombra de aserrín, echoing the ceremonial rituals that take place in Guatemala during Semana Santa, Holy Week. And Koco Carey – a Sydney-based queer performer – delivers an impersonation of Selena Quintanilla.

Saturday 1 April, 4:30pm
20 mins run time


The Unsettling – Atlanta Eke and Ghenoa Gela

Along with RDY STDY (Hana Miller and Jacob Perkins), Ghost Bird and Sezzo Snot, Atlanta Eke and Ghenoa Gela create a new work that explores issues of invisible violence in Australian culture and the problematic nature of cross cultural collaboration through the lens of Horrorcore Hip Hop. Featuring a mix of pre-recorded and live-feed video each performance is looped together with live music to create a supernatural horror film made in real time.

Exhibited Rehearsals:
Monday 19 June, 11-5pm
Tuesday 20 June, 11-5pm
Wednesday 21 June, 11-5pm
Thursday 22 June, 11-5pm
Friday 23 June, 11–5pm

Live Performances:
Saturday 24 June, 12:30–2pm
Sunday 25 June, 12:30– 2pm
Free, no bookings required