August 20, 2015

By S. Shakthidharan

My first public work as Associate Artist, Rizzy’s 18th Birthday Party, had its world premiere at Carriageworks in October 2014. Since then Rizzy has been on a wild ride.

In the Carriageworks show four video channels broadcast a story from the streets of Western Sydney, while myself and Aimee Falzon performed the sound live. The audience sat in the round. At times it was like watching a multi-channel film with a live soundtrack, other times it was like watching a music concert with live visuals. We had an intense, short season of four nights, with a lovely response.

After the Cariageworks season we re-edited the visuals into the feature film Riz, and recorded an official soundtrack. We were stoked when Riz was accepted into the Sydney Film Festival. We had a brilliant time there, with sold out screenings, intense and involved Q+As, and great reviews.

Sydney Film Festival

Representing Western Sydney on the red carpet

Sydney Film Festival 2

Co-Director Guido Gonzalez, Co-Composer Aimee Falson, and me.

Aimee and I performed a small gig before one of the screenings to celebrate the release of the film’s soundtrack.

Sydney Film Festival 3.jpg

Riz: Music from the Motion Picture by Kurinji

You can listen to and purchase the album here.

Nashen Moodley, director of Sydney Film Festival, came to the Carriageworks show in 2014. Without the support and networks of the amazing Carriageworks team Riz would never have been able to travel the way it has, and for that I am super thankful to them.

Now we are in the midst of storyboarding some really exciting music videos for the Riz album; watch this space to see the first one, coming out in September!