August 12, 2014


By Garrett Bithell

Performance Space’s Score is the biggest festival of dance and sound works in Sydney this year. Artistic Director Jeff Khan speaks to Garrett Bithell. “This is the biggest festival of dance and sound works in Sydney this year.”

So says Performance Space Artistic Director Jeff Khan about Score, a festival of live performances and installations that place emphasis on the body in motion – where dance, movement and music come together. Featuring some of Australia’s leading choreographers, composers, and performers, Score is for lovers of dance and sound-based works.

“I have the good privilege of seeing so much extraordinary work by dancers and sound artists here in Sydney and around Australia, and I think we’ve been lacking a gathering ground to celebrate that talent here for some time in one concentrated moment,” Khan tells SX. “Score is really about that celebration – bringing together artists who are at the forefront of experimentation with the form.”

The festival boasts the return of Chunky Move to Sydney, the premiere of Narelle Benjamin’s latest full-length work, Jon Rose with Ensemble Offspring, Kris Verdonck (Belgium), and a new psychedelic installation from Pia van Gelder.

“The reason the festival is called Score is because each artist is literally building their work using the notion of scoring,” Khan says. “For musicians and choreographers this is somewhat different, but they are all driven by what a score is, and how we use it to make work. A composer sits down a writes a score, but how does that work when someone like Jon Rose is ‘composing’ for a cement mixer? Choreographers use scoring to ‘write’ shows, but when we challenge dancers to work in an improvised space for two hours straight, how do they score on the run, so to speak?”

Dancers performing beside bodybuilders, symphonies emerging from metal saws, and multi-sensory experiences emanating from transcendental synths – these are just some of Score’s many highlights.

“I think you’d be mad to miss the return of Chunky Move to Sydney with Keep Everything, by this incredible new choreographer Anthony Hamilton, who is really making waves,” Khan tells. “The soundtrack is by Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes [of The Presets], and it’s a cracking show. Fans of physical extremity can’t miss Maximum, which is a choreographic duet between a dancer, Natalie Abbott, and a bodybuilder. There are also lots of free exhibitions and events throughout the season as well, so there’s no excuse to not come down to Carriageworks.

“A gathering of talent like this, for specific art forms like dance and sound, is happening less and less here in Sydney, and I hope people take advantage of the incredible artists we’ve amassed for Score. There’s something incredible about seeing bodies move through space, in person and in the moment. It’s a joy to watch.”

Performance Space: Score, Carriageworks until September 7,

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