August 17, 2015

Microwave Jenny and Eden and Justin (Jr School Captains)

By Microwave Jenny


A lot of time over these 2 months were school holidays and exams but in leading up to the Alexandria Park Community School NAIDOC Day extravaganza we knew we had to finish the original song we started with our year 9 group of girls so they could perform it at the NAIDOC assembly. The girls knuckled down and we were able to finish the song and were even able to have a rehearsal day in the school hall with Brendon over lunch time so that anyone out for lunch could pop in and have a listen to them jam and to mainly get the group used to playing together in front of a crowd before the big day. They absolutely smashed it on the day of the assembly. They covered each instrument including keys, acoustic guitar, electric guitar & bass and it sounded like a proper little band! I think next term we may have to practice some microphone technique but all in all both Brendon, myself and the girls are very happy with how they went especially as it was the first time they had performed an original song all together.Not to mention the pressure of having friends and family from both campuses watching AND Jessica Mauboy which I’m sure probably added a touch of nervousness hehe. Leanne’s choir groups sounded absolutely amazing and we really enjoyed being a part of their songs, unfortunately I had come down with a terrible cold so I was only able to sing along with the school’s for one of their pieces ‘Aboriginal Woman’ whilst Brendon played the guitar for both “Aboriginal Woman’ and ‘Happy Earth’. Both songs were performed to perfection by the students and brought smiles to everyone’s faces. The younger group we are working with have yet to perform their original piece ‘Sad Machine’ but we still intend to have them perform it at an event. They have performed it several times for their classroom now so I think they are definitely ready.

We are ready to have a baby any day now so we will be taking a few days in July off but once we have the hang of things we are very excited to head back into the school to start working on a film clip for the year 9 girls original song!

Microwave Jenny