May 9, 2014


By Ghenoa Gela


Hey hey guys! I’m back for another blog yarn. So, the last few weeks have been pretty hectic. As, some of you may or may not know, I have a work in the ‘Next Wave Festival’ called ‘Winds of Woerr’ and we were in full swing in rehearsal mode at the Alexandria Park Community School Assembly hall. While the young people went on their holiday, the ladies, (Melinda Tyquin, Melanie Palomares and Andrea Adidi) and I moved in and redecorated their hall. Well, we just moved the exam desks, swept the floor, put a sweet scented candle in the toilet and then we marked out our space with some colorful tape. It was a massive journey! All coming together for the first time in this one unfamiliar space, where the floors were cold, the stone walls were beautiful to touch and the fabric covering the windows was vintage! It was very exciting!

Every morning, Melinda and Melanie would start with Traditional Torres Strait Islander dancing. It’s by no means an easy technique to learn, but the girls picked it up with determination and grace. It was great to hear Mel and Mel (Yes! I did get confused sometimes, where nicknames or ‘nope, the other Mel’ came up a lot – well… it still does! Lol…) But, it’s been an interesting process for me sitting down giving the instructions for the exercises and listening to the duo talk biomechanics about the traditional steps and figure out how to ‘be strong! But relax…’ all at the same time.

After the two weeks of structuring the show we flew here to Melbourne – last week – a week before show time. Northcote Town Hall is our new temporary home for the remainder of the week and has been a cosy place to be. We’re occupying ‘Studio 1’ in the West Winds Studio of Northcote Town Hall and with a $20 heater from Kmart, we’ve been rehearsing, tweaking, cleaning and re-tweaking and really making ‘Winds of Woerr’ come to life! We had our opening night on Tuesday night just gone and it was AMAZING!! People hung around afterwards to have a yarn and my mum and my brother made the trip from Queensland just for the night, so people got to yarn with them too.

Things would’ve been A LOT harder to get done if we didn’t have that access to the Alexandria Park Community School assembly hall. Big thanks to Alexandria Park! (You went on holidays at the most opportune time! Lol..)  Anyways, we’re currently in season with the work ‘Winds of Woerr’ at Northcote Town Hall.

Alrightly peeps, till the next few weeks!

Love, peace and respect


Ghenoa is Carriageworks and the Alexandria Park Community School’s inaugural artist in residence.

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