July 1, 2014


By Ghenoa Gela

Helllllllloooo!! I’m back with another update to the happenings the last month or so. It started getting real hectic, end of April time, when I had my two last solid rehearsal chunks before heading to Melbourne to perform in the Next Wave Festival.  Thanks to the school holiday’s falling in my rehearsal period, the Alexandria Park School let me use their High School assembly hall as my rehearsal space. It was awesome!! It was really spacious, had lights that worked and even had a car park. The rehearsals went really good, the only thing that was frustrating me, was my process. See, I had the middle – think I got that one made itself to be honest! Lol..- then soon after I figured out the start. The only thing that had me scratchin’ me head and lying on the floor was the ending of the show. Well, not that I didn’t have one, I think I had many! With help from my many-a-floating mentors I found myself having conversations about the show looking for solutions and at the end of it have more questions! This being my first full show (well.. 45mins show) I didn’t know you had to leave people with ‘something to think about’. All I wanted to do was just create a show of my own and it seemed to me, at the end of the day, I was meant to create a show for other people.

So, with the rehearsals over, we (Andrea Adidi, Melanie Palomares, Mel Tyquin and myself) flew down to Melbourne. Still with no idea on ‘what to say’ or whether I really wanted to say ‘anything’ I still had no real ending. As a recipient of the Speakeasy program through Darebin Arts at the Northcote Townhall (phew… mouthful) we were able to get in a week before show time to rehearse in the space. Fortunate to say, throughout the processes of rehearsing in the space, time closing in around me with pressure of show time and the fear of not having an ending… It finally happened. It’s hard wearing so many ‘hats’! I mean, gees, it was hard to be the outside eye and critical and be ‘in’ the work as well. But, hey, you do what you do and you learn what you learn right? So, with the end of the show at hand we were ready for some show time. Opening night was AMAZING!! Had packed house and my Mum and little brother managed to fly down from QLD for it!

All ’n’ all, the week was successful! We had people at every show, learnt about things that you never realize you need when you’re performing for someone else and made some real good mates and memories! I’m hoping the next one I make will – with some of the processes – be easier. My work ‘Winds of Woerr’ that premiered at the Next Wave Festival, with my amazing team, I am happy to finally realize and say… It was a success. Where it goes to from here, well.. hopefully someone saw it and found it interesting or exciting enough to want it go on to future endeavors. So, here’s to hoping, but not to waiting. I’m already wanting to create some more.

Ghenoa is Carriageworks and the Alexandria Park Community School’s inaugural artist in residence.

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