August 7, 2014


By Ghenoa Gela

Hey hey peeps!! So, since the end of the Next Wave festival I had some (what seemed to be long awaited) down time. I can’t believe that the pressure of being apart of the Next Wave’s Kickstart program is actually what other established choreographers just do all the time. I’m surprised that they’re all not rocking-in-a-corner somewhere (not being experimentally artistic) drawing attention. I swear I found myself looking at many corners and good couple of times, pondering the rocking scenario and it was over the course of just ‘one year’! I know, poor effort, but be sure to know I had enough strength to keep myself dancing or sitting still (possibly too still sometimes) while going through the processes. A BIIIG SHOUT OUT to my right hand girl Melinda Tyquin! I don’t know how I would have gotten through the other side without her help and commitment. It’s definitely something I’m thankful for, that support that keeps everything from falling to the way-side and just tucked in the book at the bottom of the book draw waiting for the ‘right time’ to be opened again. Thanks Mel! You are truly an amazing being! & while I’m on shout outs, big shout out to Pippa Bailey, Cyrus Carandang, Sonny Dallas-Law and Performing Lines, Andrea James and Carriageworks and Alexandria Park Community School for ALL the on ground support here in Sydney. You guys are AMAZING!! 😀 THANKYOU!!

But yeah, the amount of appreciation and respect I have for established and soon-to-be established independent choreographers who have been slogging out all those grants one after the other is paramount! I don’t know how you’s do it, but I’m sure with all your expertise it’s probably just like smashin up a status on social media! Lol… (#cansomeonewritemygrantforme)

After the down time, I was back into it. I had the great pleasure of working with some of the kids at Alexandria Park Community School and created a short dance routine for there NAIDOC Week celebrations. For those of you who may not know what NAIDOC week is –  (well technically) National Aboriginal and Islander Day of Observance Committee Week, but some of us (Indigenous Australians) like to call it National Aboriginal and Islander Days Of Celebration. I’m not sure when the acronym definition changed – I have no doubt there are many different versions –  but the jist of it is a massive celebration of Australia’s Indigenous (Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders) peoples cultures! It’s a time of pride and confidence within ourselves, and coming together to celebrate our identities. So I had a good 40 kids or so, both indigenous and non-indigenous, eagerly willing to bust out some flavorsome moves and Torres Strait contemporary with me for their NAIDOC Week celebrations. All of which was fun and stressful and fun and cute (luckily) and very fulfilling. All and all, it was a great week to come back into and made me appreciate what the magic of dance can do for people of all ages. The way the kids were carrying on, anyone think they weren’t allowed to dance… anywhere AT ALL. Lol… It makes me remember why I do what I do and why I’m in this industry. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell don’t have a ‘savings’ account. I’ve got a ‘waiting’ account and ‘broke… again’ account, cause we all know this ain’t where the money’s at. But, geez when you see the rewarding results, it makes all the other things not really matter. Appreciation at it’s maximum! Till next yarns, be good to each other.

Peace, love and respect

G 🙂

Ghenoa is Carriageworks and the Alexandria Park Community School’s inaugural artist in residence. Ghenoa is also currently participating in Force Majeure’s creative lab Culminate, showing at Carriageworks 13 – 16 August.