Park Road Artist in Residence Blog – Microwave Jenny

October 26, 2015

By Microwave Jenny.


The years is going super-fast and we have had another two chocka-block months. Firstly we should mention that we have now added another member to the Microwave Jenny Family, her name is Molly Boney and she was born on the 6th of August (a day before my birthday)… Also it was my birthday on the 7th of August hehe… Having only been around for 3 weeks we had to pack Molly’s little travel bag up to perform in the Northern Territory for Darwin Festival. ‘Darwin Fest’ was our first show back in about 3 months so we were a little bit nervous but luckily it turned out to be a ripper gig, it SOLD OUT, and we sold a heap of CD’s. After getting home from Darwin we needed to start planning what we were going to do for the Alexandria Park Community School Girl Band’s film clip for the original track titled ‘9:15’ that they had written and performed live at last month’s NAIDOC assembly. Brendon was able to talk with the girls about some ideas he had had for the film clip and with input from the students they came up with an idea to shoot it in two locations, the gym, and the music room where they had written the song. We set out to Bunnings, along with various other shops, to buy props for the shoot.

Over two days we shot the film clip with the girls. The first day we had booked the gym for the whole school day. We set up the band on stage with a whole heap of fairy lights and some flood lights for a cool backdrop for the girls to stand in front of. We had an extra hand come in to help us film the day from different perspectives so that we could have lots of footage to play with after. We ran through the song about 20 times that day, filming every take. They worked their butts off and all the girls did a really excellent job (they didn’t even complain when we made them film through their lunch break). Day two we set up a more intimate space for the girls to pop/rock out in and the girls had done a great job of decorating the walls before we arrived with posters and sparkly bits of magic. Again we hooked up all the fairy lights and had them run through the song about 20 times! We, along with the students, are very excited to start putting the clip together!