Nathan Moraza | October Photographer in Residence


When you stare long enough at this building you start to notice the complex partnership that exists between what it was originally made for and what it exists for now. The straight, uncompromising lines of the past are often seen working together with newer additions. My work focuses on the quiet, unnoticed moments that occur in this union of new and old.
Nathan Moraza

Throughout the time that Nathan Moraza was Photographer in Residence, Carriageworks was a hive of activity. In his images, Moraza has captured none of this, rather, his photographs focus on the architecture of the space. They imply the potential for activity and document a rare quietness in the building. This series of photographs were shot using an analogue camera with film. The hands-on practice of developing film and printing photographs alludes to the history of these spaces which for decades were filled by craftsmen and tradesmen who made and repaired train carriages. Moraza’s interest in the distinction between Carriageworks’ historical and contemporary use of the space is elegantly captured: the contrast of the modern white walls alongside images that capture the architectural elements that show the history of the building.
Kelly McDonald Curator, Carriageworks

ABOUT Nathan Moraza is a photographer from Sydney, Australia. Using a range of film cameras and photography techniques, he describes his relationship with photography as ‘no ordinary love’. His photos focus on the beautiful normality that often goes unnoticed in our endless search for the ‘ideal’. See more of his work here.