May 2, 2016


Sydney, Australia:  Carriageworks in partnership with Mona Foma presents MATHIEU BRIAND: ][SYS*11.MIE>ABE/SOS\][SYS*10][][ AKA THE SPIRAL, 2016. The project by French artist Mathieu Briand has travelled the world and now arrives at Carriageworks for its Sydney premiere. Five turntables play samples on an endless loop, inviting audiences to intervene, creating a sonic chaos that is simultaneously cut to vinyl.

The Spiral will transform Carriageworks into an experimental sound recording studio and performance space. Visitors can manipulate looping beats and electronic sounds to record tracks on a vinyl-cutting machine. The person who cuts the record becomes the main attraction, while people can observe the entire process from the seats that form a ring-like area called “The Spiral.” The work has travelled around the world since 2002, in one form or another, including exhibitions at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Musée d’Art Contemporain de Lyon in France, the REDCAT Theater in Los Angeles, and the Tate Modern, London.

Mathieu Briand works in various installation formats, with computers, electronic music, robots, video and technology to explore systems of stimulation, play and perception. Briand’s use of new technologies requires active participation, while playing with the viewer’s point-of-view and illuminating the truth or fiction of their perceptions. His previous works have exploited ubiquitous technology in order to engage the audience in a way that both questions and enhances our everyday experience through technology.

][SYS*11.MIE>ABE/SOS\][SYS*10][][ AKA The Spiral is never static and has expanded over the last ten years with new forms of media that Briand adds while continuing his investigation of perception and presence. The project has several layers and is at once an installation and a performance piece. Beginning with the continuous looping sound playing autonomously from five vinyl records with no need for outside intervention, The Spiral is made up of speakers, turntables and a mixing board, encouraging viewers to not just become immersed but to interact with the project. Contained within the spiral is a vinyl record etching machine, allowing audiences to become the DJ and compose sound, which is then etched onto a blank record. This composed sound is not continuous, with a definitive beginning and end, and if left to its own devices, the system comes to a standstill. Its autonomy goes hand in hand with human intervention and therefore implies the necessity of a continuous performance.

MATHIEU BRIAND: ][SYS*11.MIE>ABE/SOS\][SYS*10][][ AKA THE SPIRAL is presented by Carriageworks in partnership with Mona Foma.

MATHIEU BRIAND: ][SYS*11.MIE>ABE/SOS\][SYS*10][][ AKA THE SPIRAL will be presented at Carriageworks from 1 until 13 June 2016. The exhibition is free to the public and will be open from 10am until 6pm every day. 

PUBLIC DATES: 1 – 13 JUNE 2016, 10AM – 6PM DAILY



 MEDIA CONTACTS: For further information and interviews please contact Kym Elphinstone, [art]iculate,, 0421 106 139 or Jasmine Hersee,, 0406 649 393.


Mathieu Briand is a French artist born in Marseille in 1972, who currently lives and works in Melbourne. His installations and performances are confronting, situated somewhere between perceptive reality and a displacement of the imagination, and he uses different mediums to destabilise and manipulate viewers into new zones of space and time. After holding a large-scale solo exhibition in two parts at Palais de Tokyo, Paris, and Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon, in 2004, he moved on to experience-type installations—with a project named Ubïq: A Mental Odyssey. This ambitious time-space realisation was mounted for the first time in 2006 at the Los Angeles REDCAT Theater, and later at MIT List Visual Arts Center, the Tate Modern Turbine Hall, Art Basel Unlimited and, finally, at TEA on the Spanish island of Tenerife in 2009. For seven years now, Mathieu has been working on a new project called Et In Libertalia Ego, which is based on the idea of the pirate’s utopia of ‘Libertalia’. The first volume of the project was shown in La Maison Rouge in Paris, while the second, Et In Libertalia Ego Vol. II is currently being presented at Mona, in Hobart until 16 May 2016.


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