Marlaina Read


Marlaina Read Plato’s khôra gives us space as a receptacle or interval. Recall Hertzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams, where the Chauvet cave paintings speak truths across a void of 32,000 years; I saw, I am. Think of Rachel Whiteread’s sculptural forms giving weight to the void, the inside, the underneath, and the formless. Think about this as you move through these buildings, articulating the intervals between form, imaging what fills quiet corners, practicing space with gesture and movement.

Kelly McDonald Curator, Carriageworks The photographic process is inherently about light, whether it be light shone onto film or on sensor, light is the starting point from which an image grows. In Marlaina Read’s photos she uses long exposures to fill the darker spaces with light, and expose the hidden corners of Carriageworks.

Carriageworks is a building that has changed form and use throughout its history. From railway workshop to disrepair, to animation studio to gallery to arts centre. The trace of these changes can be found throughout the building. Read’s focus on time and duration in these photographs draws on this history and suggests the passage of time, drawing the past into the present.

ABOUT Marlaina Read is an artist from Sydney, Australia. Her practice uses immersive and ephemeral site-specific installation, photography, sound and film. She is interested in exploring affect, in particular where industry, spirituality the environment and the human intersect—drawing out traces and histories found in folklore, place marking and ritual. See more of her work at