February 11, 2016

By Karen Poulin, 8 FEB 2016

Australian Keys and Bestfriends were given the best experience of their lives as K-Pop groups JJCCand Boyfriend made their way ‘Down-Under’ in celebration of the Lunar New Year celebrations held in Sydney. The KPOP PARTY 2016 was proudly brought to you by the wonderful people at SBS Popasia and Carriageworks. The two groups held a 2 night only concert with spectacular performances and fun fan -service filled interaction with the crowd.

For those who are not familiar with the groups allow me to introduce them for you. JJCC who are under Jackie Chan Group Korea, are a 7 member group who debuted in 2014 with ‘My First‘ originally with 5 members, now consisting of, Eddy, Prince Mak, Simba, Zica, Yul andSancheong. Rising in fame with tracks such as ‘One Way (Bing Bing Bing),’ ‘Where You At?,’ ‘Fire’ and most recently ‘Insomnia.’ The boys of JJCC have found their way into the hearts of K-Pop fans worldwide.

Boyfriend are a better known group under Starship Entertainment, being label mates with popular K-Pop girl group SISTAR as well as rising rookie group MONSTA X. Boyfriend debuted in May of 2011 with their single ‘Boyfriend‘ consisting of members Donghyun, Jeongmin,Hyunseong, Youngmin, Kwangmin and Minwoo and are loved by fans all over the world. While also releasing popular tracks such as ‘Janus‘, ‘Obsession‘, ‘Witch‘ and ‘Bounce‘.

The concert started out with JJCC coming out first and it was on ‘Fire,’ the boys have definitely learned and practiced a lot as their moves were faster and more powerful. Performing songs such as ‘One Way,’ ‘Where U At?,’ ‘Insomnia’ and even covering songs such as Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ and Black Eyed Peas‘ ‘Mama.’ There was a special moment where Prince Mak invited his mother on stage as the members of JJCC serenaded her with their most beautiful ballad, ‘Be Good‘. The crowd was in tears as Prince Mak embraced his mother whom he had not seen in over 4 years. But what’s a concert without a few laughs?

There were plenty from pie eating races, playing charades with 3 lucky fans to questions with SBS Popasia’s Jamaica and Andy. Anything that these boys prepare or just say is hilarious because if they aren’t picking on Mak, then it’s Eddy. But alas it was time to say goodbye as the boys finished up with performances of ‘Where U At?’ and ‘Fire’ once more.

Laughs were incurred as the members were given the task to draw an Australian animal, this case being: a Kangaroo. Some were great and some, well if Kangaroo’s had long locks and strong biceps then I’d say you were winning. Then once again we were back to the usual screaming ignited from the odd ab flash by Hyunseong, laughter as Kwangmin was voted as the most crazy member, Donghyun as the most fun, Minwoo as the most sexy and Jeongmin as the most cute. But everything good in life must all come to an end at some point, as did this. The boys finished up with ‘Boyfriend’ and intense fanservice dedicated to those lucky enough to be close to them.

The night ended in tears of joy and an immense dose of feels as VIP patrons were given the chance to participate in a Hi-Touch with the 13 boys and the highlight of everyone’s day was made. Question is, What did you do when it came to your biases turn?

Thanks to Boyfriend, JJCC, Carriageworks and SBS Popasia for the magical night! Stay tuned to Officially KMusic for more coverage on your favorite artists in K-Pop!

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