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Brace yourself as Performance Space confronts our fears and fuels our morbid curiosity by looking death in the face for its first Clubhouse program of 2013.

Reckless Sleepers Artist Workshop
with Mole Wetherell
5 Mar, 6:30 – 9pm
All tickets $20

Mole Wetherell, Artistic Director of UK/Belgian company Reckless Sleepers hosts this practical workshop for emerging and early career performers delving into the strategies that inspire and inform his own interdisciplinary performance practice. Concentrating on the creative process, this is a unique opportunity to develop your craft and create unique, sensitive and responsive work while being mentored by one of Europe’s most challenging and exciting theatre devisors.

Death Knocks Supper Club: The Ethics and Politics of Starvation
with Sumugan Sivenesan
7 March, 9.30 – 11pm
All tickets $10

The Ethics and Politics of Starvation is a curated conversation in which participants and guests will be asked to consider hunger, as a political act as well as a means of population control. Drawing from examples of art, popular culture, politics and history, anti-disciplinary artist Sumugan Sivanesan will entreat attendees to reflect on themes that range from ‘the ethics of hunger strike’ to ‘food as a weapon’.
Nibbles will served.

Death(cha) Kucha
with The Centre for the History of Human Emotions
8 March, 6 – 7.30pm
All tickets $10

A pecha kucha night with a deathly twist. Researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions present their current research on the macabre and amusing history of death and dying. Tracing a lineage from early modern Europe to the current day, this quick-fire barrage will cover everything from midwifery and memorials, to matricide and medieval executions. Death(cha) Kucha is a short-course for the morbidly-inclined.

Mortality Talking: Gas Bag
with Victoria Spence
9 March, 6 – 7:30pm
All tickets $10

Drawing on her practice as a performer, consultant and celebrant in end of life and after death care, Victoria will craft an open conversation in response to questions about what happens before, when and after we take leave of this mortal coil.

A performative conversation assessing our death literacy, with examples from behind the scenes in the death care industry.

Artists: Victoria Spence (performer), Annette Tesoriero (dramaturg).

Desensitising Death: A Night of Film
with Jay Katz and Miss Death
Friday 8 March, 9:30pm – 11pm
All tickets $10

Join Miss Death and Jay Katz of the Mu Meson Archives for a cinematic journey through the development of the Horror genre. See rare footage and cult classics as we venture forth and trace our fascination with Horror and the development of ‘death as entertainment’ in contemporary film. Citing Hitchcock’s classic Psycho (1960) as a turning point in the development of filmic fright, come for a late-night screening at Performance Space and learn how the ‘Master of Suspense’ revolutionised fear.

Clubhouse is Performance Space’s ongoing program of one-off talks, lectures, film screenings and special events geared at generating discussion on topics related to the season’s program. MATTERS OF LIFE AND DEATH is a program of international and Australian works exploring the ultimate driving force of life: our fear of death.

Image: Lucy Parakhina


5 – 9 Mar 2013


5 – 9 Mar 2013

Tickets $20 / $10