Matthew Sleeth presents a cinematic three-channel video installation featuring custom built drones with live video feeds, laser set-design, opera singers with an original libretto that combine to drive a narrative of desire, fear and destruction. Loosely structured around the myth of Icarus, the installation is a poetic exploration of our broader love affair with new technologies.

Join Matthew Sleeth in conversation with Carriageworks Director Programs, Daniel Mudie Cunningham at 11.30am on Saturday 22 June.

A Drone Opera, Image Lucy Spartalis 2018

This is a free exhibition.

Open daily, 10am-6pm

By Matthew Sleeth

Producer and dramaturge, Kate Richards
Composer, Susan Frykberg
Laser set designer, Robin Fox
Sound designer, Phil Samartzis
Lighting designer, Bosco Shaw
Choreographer, Shelley Lasica
The libretto is performed by Judith Dodsworth, Hamish Gould and Paul Hughes

Presented by Carriageworks and Experimenta.