Carriageworks is the largest and most significant contemporary multi-arts centre of its kind in Australia. It is located in Sydney, 4km from the CBD in an area that is home to fast growing, diverse and culturally engaged communities.

Carriageworks commissions and presents a program that supports work across visual arts, performance, dance, music, film and is considered the youngest, most ambitious and fastest growing contemporary art institution in Australia. In 2016 over 1 million people engaged with the Carriageworks Artistic Program and in 2017 Carriageworks will present over 60 projects that will support over 800 artists.

At Carriageworks we believe cultural institutions should be radical and participatory. They should lie in the heart of their communities, providing moments of great joy and wonder, they should provide pathways, lead social change and create and deliver on our individual and collective ambitions.

We ask you to join us, to involve yourself in the life of Carriageworks. As a donor, you play a pivotal part in providing the space and resources to support artists and further develop our Artistic Program.

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Alternatively, you can download and print a donor form and return to Carriageworks via post; or please feel free to call our Partnerships Manager, Grace Davenport on (02) 8571 9062 to make a donation over the phone.

You can also email for further information about this project, or what to expect from becoming a Carriageworks Donor.