Director: Lisa Havilah
Personal Assistant to the Director: Monika Herfurth
Director, Program and Production: Kri Leitner
Director, Partnerships and Communications: Vanessa Duscio
Director, Commercial:
Jennifer Moses
Farmers Markets Creative Director: Mike McEnearney
Financial Business Consultant: Dale Hollingsworth
Head Curator (Maternity Leave): Beatrice Gralton
Curator, Visual Arts: Kelly McDonald
Exhibition Manager: Glenn Thompson
Performance Curator: Rosie Fisher
New Music Curator: Louis Garrick
Program Assistant: Emily Johnson
Program Assistant: Katrina Noorbergen
Human Resources and Finance Administrator: Janine Peukert
Administrative Assistant: Nina Rokvic
Producer – Events: Chris Cobb
Producer – Events: Lisa Hannan
Producer – Food Events: Lucinda Cole
Head of Marketing: Stephen O’Connor
Digital Marketing Manager: Luke de Zilva
Marketing and Content Coordinator: Sophie Penkethman-Young
Visitor Services Coordinator: Sarah Meacham
Visitor Services Officer: Charlotte Paull
Visitor Services Officer: Lena Li
Partnerships Manager: Grace Davenport
Development Manager: Willa Stanton
Head of Learning and Engagement: Charlotte Galleguillos
Community Engagement Coordinator: Bianca Cruse
Commercial Account Manager: Alexandra Porter-Hepworth
Business Development Administrator: Jena Ye
Facilities Manager: Megan Davis
Facilities Coordinator: Mathew Ibanez
Facilities Assistant: Luke Schiffler
Production Manager: Katherine Hamilton
Production Manager: Todd Hawken
Production Manager: Paul Bilsby