August 15, 2016

Artistic Director – Force Majeure
Co-Director Off the Record, premiering 17 AUG

Who is Danielle Micich?
Director, performer, mother, renovator. I recently relocated my whole life from Perth to Sydney to take up the position as Artistic Director of Force Majeure.

Why do you think a show like Off the Record is important?
I love stories. I love how looking into lives of others can make us rethink our viewpoints, our actions. I want audiences to question their perceptions of disability, the perceived limitations of people and artists living with disability. Large portions of our society live with disability or know someone living with disability. So we should talk about it.

What kickstarted Off the Record creatively or conceptually? Did this happen before or after you found your cast?
I am curious about rules. About what information we are ‘allowed’ to share about ourselves, and what we keep hidden. Our lives are stringently documented from the moment we are born, and yet much of who we really are remains ‘off the record’. With this in mind we went into the rehearsal room with five extraordinary artists – that we found through an audition process – and asked them to share their collective histories; to talk about times when they’d been judged on appearances, when they’d hidden – or been unable to share – their true selves. The work is made up of the performers’ personal stories.

How does working with artists of different disciplines and abilities change the creative process? As well, working across multiple communication and accessible formats?
A creative process relies on a cohesive team open to being challenged and vulnerable. The major difference working with artists of different disciplines and abilities is that more time is needed to be able to deliver information in ways that suit our individual performer’s needs.

Tell us about co-directing with Philip Channells and working with Dance Integrated Australia.
We both have a background in dance so that means we implicitly understand the process of developing movement and how that can be used in a new work. This makes for ease of communication in rehearsal and planning. Philip brings expertise in working in integrated practice to the work and I bring experience in devising work for main stage.

Share something ‘off the record’ about yourself…
When I fly, I touch the outside of planes before I board them.


Carriageworks presents
Force Majeure & Dance Integrated Australia

17 AUG – 20 AUG
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